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Therafit Sandal Review September 21, 2013

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I was given a pair of the Carly Brown Sandals to review and give my honest opinion.

School is back in session, but that does not mean that summer has to be over quite yet. I have always lived in my flip flops since I am from the south, but sometimes finding the ones that will be comfortable to wear all day long without leaving you aching at the end of the day can be a challenge. The cute ones are always so stiff and rub in all the wrong places. Finally there is a sandal that is both cute and comfortable. I recently received a pair of the Carly Brown Sandals from Therafit. They are classic, dressy, and just an all around everyday, work or play sandal!



People are on their feet more and more these days with kids running around and their jobs. You need something that takes care of you while you are on the go. I have a severe arch in my foot which leads me to not be able to wear a lot of styles of shoes and that includes most wedges. When I chose the Carly sandal I was aware that you could change the comfort level yourself, and that was really appealing to me. Dr. Lisa Masterson, of The Doctors, created Therafit, and I am surely glad that she did. The shoe line is accredited by the Natural Posture Institute which is amazing news to me because doing dance and band throughout my life has really kind of screwed me up. Both hold totally different postures as correct and so now my body pretty much slumps wherever and whichever way it pleases.

The shoes even come in a cute wrapped box. I felt like the people working at Therafit really take pride in what they do and wanted you to feel special in opening a pair of shoes from them. Take a look:



Now back to being able to adjust the comfort level yourself. They have a video that helps you out and explains everything that you need to know about the system. So if you are interested in their technique and how to manage your own level of comfort once you acquire a pair of these fantastic shoes, please watch the video on the link below.

Learn How To Make Your Own Comfort

I love all the nodules that are inside the sandal that hit key points on your foot. It’s like a mini massage throughout the whole entire day. Along with the adjustable comfort level and the stylish design of the Carly sandal, these are really a year round sandal. The dark brown color goes with any season and the flower can either be dressed up or dressed down. There is no way that you can not win.

I do have to tell you that the sandals do run a little on the big side and only come in whole sizes. So, with that being said going down a size is what is recommended if you wear a half size.  Please make sure to check them out on all their social medias.



What is your biggest foot issue?



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20 Responses to “Therafit Sandal Review”

  1. I absolutely love Therafit and those are cute!

  2. Ruby Ragar Says:

    I love the flower. These would be something I’d have to try out before ordering. My feet are extra sensitive and any shoe I have worn with any type of nub has bothered me to the point of exteme uncomfort and I end up going barefoot. I wonder if these would work any better for me and would be willing to give it a shot. Thanks for letting me know about this brand I’m going to check out what they have.

  3. These sound so interesting and I have never heard of them before reading this review. Along with the comfort for the bottom of the feet can I ask if the thong is comfortable? Even my favorite pair of sandals hurt after a few hours in them and most every kind ends up giving me a blister between the toes and having diabetes that can be a ral danger to my over all health.

  4. Love those! I need some new comfortable sandals now that we live in FL :)

  5. Heather Wong Says:

    I so need a pair of these. They sound wonderful. I will go to their site right now. Thanks for sharing with us

  6. Elisebet F Says:

    Considering they’re “comfy” sandals, I can’t believe how cute they are!

  7. bellanna3 Says:

    I really love the look of the Carly sandal you chose! Super cute!

  8. Melissa Smith Says:

    Super cute AND comfortable?! I definitely need to get a pair!

  9. Kathy Says:

    Cute sandals! I’ve got Therafit athletic shoes and I love them.

  10. Rosey Says:

    Those are some good looking shoes!

  11. Those shoes look very comfortable. Definitely have to check this website out since I work on my feet for 10-12 hrs a day. Thank you for the review.

  12. Alison Says:

    Those are so cute! I’d love to try some shoes likes these!

  13. Amy S. Says:

    I love Therafit!

  14. Ashley Boyd Says:

    I love their sandals and I would love to try their sneakers soon!

  15. I have FMS, and my feet hurt all of the time. I end up changing shoes back and forth all day every day. Would love to try therafit shoes!

  16. Julie Wood Says:

    These sandals look so comfortable and they are made to be able to walk in with the arch support. They are not only ergonomic sandals but they look sylish and have many colors to choose from. I really love these sandals.

  17. I also live in my flip flops even in winter. My husband thinks that I have no feeling in my feet because they never get cold. I would love these I am sure because it looks like they have great arch support and they are so cute. I am going to check them out and see if I cant buy a pair.

  18. I so want a pair! I want the shoes though! I love flip flop too! Maybe I will just get a pair of each!!

  19. […] This was the Carly sandal that I was able to review over the summer and you can read my review HERE! […]

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