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Nothing like a young girl and her babydoll :) May 3, 2013

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So there was a time that all it took to make me happy was a babydoll, and her name was Amy. This doll was pretty much as big as me and I drug her everywhere I went. I say this because by time Amy was retired her hair was falling out and her arms were pretty much about to fall off. I believe I got Amy around the time that my sister was born because I was wanting to do everything that my mother was doing with my sister. there are even pictures of me sitting beside my mother on the couch and imitate her feeding with a bottle. I think I may have even wanted to change her diaper or things like this.

I remember also when I got older that Amy would lay in bed with me while I read my books to her. She was so big that she was almost my size when I was 2. So she was still a pretty good size when I was 7-8. That was around the time that she finally got retired to the attic. When we moved when I was about to start highschool, I can not remember if we kept Amy and brought her with us when we went to the new house or not. My parents have since moved one more time and I wonder if Amy still is somewhere in a bag or a box with them at their home in the moutains.

The prompt for this post was “Did you have a favourite stuffed animal or lovey as a child?  Tell us about it.” A lot of kids had their stuffed teddy bear or their blanket that they hauled around. For me, it was this baby doll. There was nothing besides a bath and maybe having to go to daycare (if I was even forced to leave her home then I am not sure) that would keep Amy and I from being together. I really do wonder if she is still in the basement somewhere. Having this prompt really made me retrace what my childhood was like compared to my son’s and even what my daughter’s childhood will be like. We appreciated the simpler things in life. We did not need video games, cellphones, Ipads, etc. We were content with our dolls/barbies and army men/GI Joe. We loved the outdoors. Sometimes I wish time would go back to a simpler time, but then I would not be sitting here blogging about the passed on this technology that we have acquired. Maybe it’s just time that parents take their kids back into time and make them see the simpler life. Make them put down the technological toys. Get outside. Have a favorite baby doll or action figure that they can not live without.


15 Responses to “Nothing like a young girl and her babydoll :)”

  1. i had a favorite teddy once too.:) i encourage my kids as well to play with their favorite toys, not gadgets.:)

  2. Sara Says:

    live was so much easier than kids have it today! Miss the way childhood used to be!

  3. Michele Says:

    My baby doll was named Honey–we were constant companions!

  4. I use to love playing with baby dolls too and now my girls have a few favorite baby dolls.

  5. aww thats cool, honestly I don’t remember having anything special to me like that. My friends daughter though she got a teddy bear when she was born and she is 27 I think and she still has it! She don’t sleep with it to much any more but it is no longer the big stuffed bear, it has no eyes or nose lol and it’s flat! his face is flat, hes been sown a million times too.

  6. Gosh those were the days. My son only snuggled with 1 thing and it was a monkey we made at build a bear back in 2004. He still has it but it is in his closet.

  7. Baby Beans was her name. She was my side-kick. I took her everywhere. She even had a pull string and said about 5 different phrases. I lost her years ago when I was a teenager. A few years ago I found one on Ebay and bought it. Some things you will never out grow.

  8. What a great story, we all have that one toy from our childhood that we remember and we took everywhere.

  9. I never owned a doll when I was a kid..

  10. I had “teddy” and my lamb “lambchop” which I loved and loved and to this day they are safely tucked away in a chest in my parents basement. :) I remember wishing for a REAL Cabbage Patch doll when I was little, but my mom couldn’t get one so the neighbor made me one instead. To this day I still wish I had a CBK lol

  11. Nova Says:

    Wwo! i never thought of that at all, however thanks for this information.

  12. Krista Says:

    I had a big doll like that too, her name was Cheryl – loved that doll!

  13. Stephanie L. Says:

    I had a “blankey” that my daughter now has. But I do agree that things were a lot different back then. Sometimes I feel like all of this technology that is supposed to make our lives “easier” really makes it more “difficult”… especially for parents.

  14. shaunatorres Says:

    My girls love their dolls… esp their Princess Dolls :)

  15. jamie braun Says:

    for me, it was a stuffed kitten that my grandmother had gotten me

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